Location: Shanwei, an obsolete, isolated coastal city in South China

The film was written on the director's imaginary isolated island, but we actually found an obsolete village that seems out of time.

Shanwei used to be an industrial city in China in the early 21th century. However, due to policy changes and natural disasters, this town is now almost empty, with only fishermen and fish factories remaining.

What is dream and what is real?  What is film and what is life?

 The film is half documentary because all of the exterior scenes are shot live. All the extras are real people in Shanwei, so all the interaction between the actors and the crowds is their real reactions. The scene where the boy sells paintings in the fish market and factory is completely documented in real time.

In the Fish Factory Scenes:

the director talked and casted with real female workers in the fish market factory of Shanwei, and it turned out that they were from the same hometown as the director.We had a good time chatting in Sichuan dialect.

The Two Paintings of Dead Fish were made by Director

All BTS photo is credited to our only and the best producer Hongwei Wu