Director, Siying Li  1999.9.15

Graduated from New York University / Film and TV Major

“I keep swimming between this tunnel of dream and reality"

Believing that storytelling is the faith of life and has its power of healing. Her work often revolves around personal narratives and tackles important issues such as cultural identity, mental health, and societal pressures. 

"The spirit of storytelling is to heal and connect" 

Her debut film 'Dr. Wang', which she casted with her own father and shot in her hometown, addresses the invisible conflict between western and herbal medicine. The film was selected for the Me&My City Festival in China and has been screened in numerous provincial libraries across the country.

Through her art, Siying aims to create a connection with her audience and inspire them to reflect on their own experiences.

Siying is a multi-media artist; she has been exploring her passion in many areas: Performance, Dance, Installations and Ceramics under a strong narrative instinct.  

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Photo by our leading actress Yenan Dong